What’s New in Mount Vernon City: The Latest Updates

This past weekend Mount Vernon celebrated memorial day which Mayor Matt Starr notes is a day of remembrance not celebration. The parade was a success with 52 participants, a high within recent years, and the weather was permitting , which was a major concern. Saint Vincent De Paul school spent the weekend placing flags on the graves of veterans at Mound View Cemetery using over 1700 flags as well. Mount Vernon also hosted their City Clean-Up event which was a success as well, filling up 8 dumpsters and saving the city almost an extra $1,000. The Hiawatha Water Park opened up this past weekend as well but faced technical difficulties which will hopefully be resolved by the end of the day on May 28. The pool will be open all summer from 12-7:45 with weather permitting until August 11.

Community development plans have been set in place for this summer to improve community living. Starting June 5th, new drainage and sewer systems will be laid and any old ones will be tuned up to prevent flooding in residential buildings as well as side walks and roadways along the North End. A similar project will be taking place in the West End. The final town meeting before plans are sent to be judged will be on June 4th in City Hall at 1 pm. To fix the the flooding along Catherine Street, new water lines have been laid and water has been restored to the neighborhood. Coshocton Avenue will also being facing some repairs to replace water meters due to wear and inaccurate reads of water levels and need costing the city unnecessary money. Finally, mowing will begin soon along roadways to get ditches and roadsides cleaned up, drivers are asked to be courteous and aware of their surrounding for workers out on the roads. The city is looking for part time seasonal workers to help with jobs like mowing as well a positions in cemeteries, parks, engineering, and public buildings. To learn more about positions reach out to Mount Vernon Human Resources to start the application process. For future updates on the City of Mount Vernon, visit the cities website at https://mountvernonohio.org/

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