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Ohio Wildlife updates with Austin Levering

Austin Levering, Knox County Wildlife Officer, gave some updates on Ohio’s wildlife this past week. With Ohio weather showing its real colors these past couple of weeks, Levering wanted to stress the importance of animal safety. Many animals nest, specifically birds, will be washed away or destroyed putting the young babies at risk. So, if you come across and baby bird or other young animal, look around for any possible nest or den and return it so the mother can feed and nurture the young one. If no home is located, create your own nest with a box or some sticks and plants found around the area. Avoid touching or taking the animal with you, if there are no obvious injuries simply return it to its nest. If the animal appears to be hurt or in distress, call your local wildlife service’s so they can properly take care of the animal. In happier news, Governor Mike DeWine has announced Trumpeter Swans are now officially off the endangered species list. These animals, who get their names for their trumpet like sound, have been endangered since the 1800s due to draining of wetlands in Ohio. They were removed all together from the state to be rehabilitated then slowly reintroduced thanks to both the Columbus and Cleveland Zoo partnering with wildlife services to place the swans back into Ohio’s habitats. Programs like this are just one of many Licking County has in action to create a better world for local wildlife, for more information and ways to get involved go to

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