OAQDA Provides More Than $69,000 to Upgrade Equipment for Mansfield’s Sole Dry-Cleaning Business

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) recently closed on $57,904 in bond financing for Brass Hanger Cleaners, Inc. in Mansfield. The financing is provided through OAQDA’s small business program, which makes clean air compliance easily accessible and affordable for Ohio small businesses.

“Brass Hanger Cleaners is a great example of how OAQDA’s programs have multiple community benefits. We are helping small businesses retain jobs, enhance economic prosperity with improved operations and reduce the use of toxic chemicals that can damage the environment and human health,” explained Executive Director of OAQDA Christina O’Keeffe.

Brass Hanger Cleaners, located at 1351 Lexington Ave. in Mansfield, also received a grant award of $11,580.80. The project replaces an outdated, perchloroethylene (PERC) dry-cleaning machine with a new modern dry-cleaning machine that uses an environmentally-friendly solution. The result will be the total elimination of PERC, a hazardous solvent that is a known carcinogen and often used in the dry-cleaning process.

Nine full-time jobs will be retained in the project. Owner Jon Roberts explained during the Authority’s May board meeting how impactful financial support is for his business during a period of significant change affecting the dry-cleaning industry based on his almost 50 years of experience. Mansfield used to have five dry cleaners, but between industry changes and the COVID-19 pandemic, Brass Hanger Cleaners is the community’s only remaining dry-cleaning business.

“The new equipment allows us to clean garments more efficiently while ensuring better air quality for our employees and the community,” said Roberts. “As the only dry-cleaning business in Mansfield and its surrounding communities, I’m grateful for the investment into the future of the business and look forward to giving back through community sponsorship and service opportunities.”

“It is critical that we continue to invest in the future of small businesses in Ohio,” said Rep. Marilyn John (R-Shelby). “The new equipment will allow Brass Hanger Cleaners to create a healthy workplace for their staff and customers while complying with federal environmental regulations.”

“With over 35 years of small business experience myself, I appreciate OAQDA’s work to help small operations like Brass Hanger Cleaners make necessary upgrades to reduce emissions while preserving jobs,” said Sen. Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario).

OAQDA is committed to serving the economic and environmental needs of Ohio businesses and communities as they strive to reduce air emissions while supporting the state’s economic growth. OAQDA offers financing packages that are structured to suit the needs of individual projects, which are incentivized with financial benefits using conduit bonds and grants to help small businesses cover a portion of project costs.


The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) is a non-regulatory government agency working to position Ohio as a leader in harmonizing a strong economy and a healthy environment. Since its creation in 1970, OAQDA has worked to improve air quality by supporting businesses, creating jobs, and improving communities while enhancing the health and safety of all Ohioans. To date, OAQDA has awarded more than $6 billion to finance air quality projects. For more information about OAQDA and its services, please visit ohioairquality.org.    

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