Childcare and Job Development in Knox County

Knox County Area Development Foundation is focusing on childcare in Knox County, there is a high demand for childcare providers within the community. Salvation Army has started taking steps to finding a solution by building a childcare facility on their property. The lack of childcare providers makes it difficult for parents to work fulltime hours due to the need for childcare not being met. The lack of childcare providers can be linked to the pay not meeting the means of living within Knox County. When it is difficult to find childcare it is difficult for parents to continue working hours to make it by, creating a cycle that can hurt the community economically and socially. ADF has taken this into consideration when working with job seekers and businesses, by doing so they can work with local programs to connect and create affordable childcare options within Knox County. ADF is also working to connect businesses and job seekers in Knox County as well as advancing skills and knowledge. Back in 2019 they had an economist consultant run a survey to see what jobs will rise in demand in 10 years but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the job demand shifted. Now ADF had the consultant return to reexamine where the job market is now heading. The foundation has also reached out to local businesses and companies to see what skill sets they are looking for when hiring. Taking all these details into consideration, the foundation can help Knox County find jobs that will benefit the community. To learn more about ADF’s plans to better Knox County’s workforce, go their page at

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