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HH 2022-4

Welcome to Holiday Hoopla QR Cryptogram for Cash… Have Fun and Good Luck from 93.7 the Super Q

Here are your QR Cryptogram for Cash letters from A+ Autobrokers :

U (26)

P (2)

D (18)

Get contest rules at

Get QR Codes:

APLUS Autobrokers 504 W High St

Herald’s Appliances & Electronics 121 S Main St 

Johnny’s Mattress & Furniture 305 S Gay St

Pak Mail 812 Coshocton Ave #1

Colonial Book & Kid’s Shelf 855 Coshocton Ave

Mid-Ohio Powersports and Golf Cars 494 Harcourt Rd

Gault’s Plaza Cleaners & Laundromat 855 Coshocton Ave #19

A cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Generally the cipher used to encrypt the text is simple enough that the cryptogram can be solved by hand. Substitution ciphers where each letter is replaced by a different letter or number are frequently used.

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