OHSAA Spring Sports Divisional Breakdowns Announced

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association announced Tuesday the new divisional breakdowns for the upcoming spring sports. The OHSAA Board of Directors approved the new divisions during its meeting late last week.

For the first time, the OHSAA’s spring sports will include boys volleyball. There will be two divisions of boys volleyball due to the spike in the number of schools now having a team, which has gone from 85 to almost 160 schools since the OHSAA announced earlier this year that it will sanction the sport.

Fall and winter sports divisional breakdowns were announced in June.

The OHSAA uses enrollment data provided by the Ohio Department of Education to determine each school’s base enrollment numbers for girls and boys sports, which will be used for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years. Among the OHSAA’s spring sports, only baseball and softball utilize competitive balance data, therefore it is reconfigured every season. Sports that do not utilize competitive balance data are reconfigured every two years.

More about the competitive balance process is posted at: https://www.ohsaa.org/School-Resources/Competitive-Balance-Resource-Center

2023 OHSAA Spring Sports

Boys Tennis – two divisions, no competitive balance: https://www.ohsaa.org/sports/boystennis

Boys Volleyball – two divisions, no competitive balance: https://www.ohsaa.org/Sports-Tournaments/Volleyball-Boys

Track and Field – three divisions, no competitive balance: https://www.ohsaa.org/sports/track

Softball – four divisions using competitive balance: https://www.ohsaa.org/sports/softball

Girls Lacrosse – two divisions, no competitive balance: https://www.ohsaa.org/sports/glacrosse

Boys Lacrosse two divisions, no competitive balance: https://www.ohsaa.org/sports/blacrosse

Baseball – four divisions using competitive balance data: https://www.ohsaa.org/sports/baseball

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