Parking Meter Rate Increase in Effect in City of Delaware

Phased parking meter rate changes approved by City Council in went into effect Monday, July 3. City Council approved an ordinance that increases the rate 25 cents per hour (total of 50 cents per hour), effective on Monday. The approved ordinance also included a second increase, of 50 cents per hour, effective January 1, 2024 (total of $1.00 per hour).

The parking rates were last adjusted by City Council in January of 2006.

Delaware’s parking operation currently operates at a deficit. The increase will support:

  • Technology upgrades
  • Phasing out of older non-functioning meters
  • Implementation of parking kiosks
  • A variety of online payment options and electronic permitting
  • Lot maintenance
  • Enforcement personnel costs

The City’s efforts to update all aspects of parking management, including adjusting parking rates, is an attempt to balance the need for parking with limited inventory, and turning over spaces efficiently to maximize parking spot usage.

Council discussion took pace on Feb. 13, Feb. 27, March 13 and March 27. Meeting minutes and video are available here.

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