City of Newark hosting Pelotonia Saturday

The City of Newark will be hosting Pelotonia on August 5th , from 8am–4pm. Pelotonia has made
some last minute route changes through Newark. Please expect delays in the following
areas/roads. The route will take bicyclists east on Price Road to King Road, east on Goosepond
Road. They will cross N. 21st Street and continue east on Deo Drive crossing Mt. Vernon Road
to Waterworks Road. From there the riders will take Cedar Run Road and then travel south on
Cedar Street to New Haven Avenue and continue east out of the city.

There will also be roadway and private entrance closures along the route. Again, there will be
delays in this area so plan accordingly. If at all possible, you may wish to avoid the route
completely. The first rider is expected to enter Newark at approximately 9am-9:30am.

If you wish to support the riders and view the event, we recommend 267 Deo Dr(old Kroger
Store) or the Licking Co. Health Dept(675 Price Rd).

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