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The Licking County Community Health Improvement Committee (CHIC) has worked to develop Licking County’s third Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHIP is designed to be a strategic plan for the county to address the most prominent public health issues facing county residents. This is the third CHIP developed by the committee, and it contains data driven goals and objectives that will be addressed collaboratively through evidence based and effective programming. 
The CHIC is comprised of more than 20 agencies from across the public health system in Licking County. The group meets quarterly to discuss public health concerns, and the committee will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the CHIP. The committee has 3 subcommittees, Behavioral Health, Access to Care, and Health and Wellness, which will work to implement the activities established in the CHIP.
“We are excited to implement the latest version of our Community Health Improvement Plan, and to work with our partners to improve public health in Licking County.” said Chad Brown, Licking County Health Commissioner and Chairperson of the CHIC. “Working collaboratively gives us the best opportunity to enact meaningful change and achieve the goals in the CHIP.”
“The Access to Care Committee’s goal is to decrease and aid in eliminating barriers to care for Licking county residents.” said Kari Kennedy, Director of Community and Personal Health at the Licking County Health Department. “The CHIP will be a useful tool in creating a plan of action for identifying gaps in care, lack of resources, and ways in which we as a community can collaborate to address those needs.  The agencies and individuals involved in the Access to Care committee are passionate about assisting individuals in addressing their healthcare needs as well as accessing preventative care, like cancer screenings.”
“As co-chair of the Access to Care Subcommittee, I’m very encouraged by the collaborative and creative work of healthcare providers and community stakeholders to ensure all residents have access to high quality healthcare.” said Tracy Cloud, Lower Lights Christian Health Center CEO and Co-Chair of the CHIC Access to Care Subcommittee. “We are especially united in our commitment to improve access to primary care and cancer screenings, and we hope the community will see the benefit of this work.”
“Working with other agency members and individuals in our community on the Health and Wellness subcommittee in the CHIC has been very beneficial. Being able to use data compiled by the LCHD to target the areas of health and wellness that need our attention the most has been a huge help in this process. I hope that our work continues to grow and gain more support over the years to come.” said Ashley Washburn, Family Health Services of East Central Ohio Executive Director and Chairperson of the CHIC Health and Wellness Subcommittee. A copy of the CHIP and more information regarding the CHIC are available on Licking County Health Department’s Website

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