Women’s Outdoor and Wellness Skills Workshop

June 11, 2022 @ 8:15 am – 4:00 pm
Infirmary Mound Park
The Women’s Outdoor Skills Workshop is returning in 2022!The Workshop will be from 8AM to 4PM. The day is set up like a conference, with four sessions: 8:45am-10:15am, 10:45am-12pm, 1pm-2pm, and 2:20pm – 3:50pm. Each session will have at least 5 class topics to choose from.
Upon receipt of your sign-up you will be contacted about registration, payment options and additional event information. Sessions first come, first serve so get your registration materials in quickly!
Please note: The event is rain or shine! The workshop will feature four sessions from which participants can choose topics such as archery, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, fly fishing, sensory awareness, fire making, yoga, beekeeping, birding, nature photography and more. Come learn the outdoor skills that are necessary to enjoy these activities! Classes are taught by expert instructors, but designed for a beginner!
All equipment provided, though in photography you are urged to bring your own camera or phone, and birding, where you are urged to bring binoculars if you have them. Class selection is first come, first serve, so get your registration materials in quickly! After you sign-up on signup genius you will be emailed info on selecting classes, lunch, and payment. Age 16+. Under 18 must be accompanied by adult.
Pre-payment required upon receiving your confirmation email. If not received within a week, and we have a waiting list, your spot will may be offered to another. Cancellation must be by May 21 to receive full refund.
Lunch will be provided by Palumbo’s in Granville and feature a sandwich, pasta salad, chips, and dessert. Substitutions can be arranged based on dietary restrictions.
Backpacking Basics and You: Whether you want to camp at a designated campsite or try your hand at backpacking, this workshop will give you the basic knowledge to get started. Participants will learn about the camping gear required, how to pack a bag, and how to plan your camping menu. Instructor: Maryellen O’Shaughnessy with Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
Beginning Archery: You will learn how to select and use bows, arrows, and other archery equipment. There will be a range set up where you can try different equipment. Instructor: Ace Archers.
Birding 101: Learn more about Ohio birds and about the rewarding activity of birding. Learn why birds are so amazing, what you can do to attract them to your property, and where to go to get more birds on your life list. Bring your binoculars if you have them. Instructor: Anne Balogh, Licking Park District
Canoe: The Quickstart Your Canoe course is designed to introduce/expose the participant to sufficient skill and knowledge so that they can enjoy the sport of tandem canoeing on flat water. Students are presented with basic information on dressing to paddle safely and potential hazards and simple rescues. A minimal paddle skill set is presented and practiced, allowing students to safely and comfortably maneuver on still water. Instructor: Emily Fouts, Hannah Fleisher, Licking Park District.
Ecoprinting: This workshop will explore the process of eco-printing and is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced dyers. The goal is to extract colors from leaves and other natural materials through contact printing. The printing process creates a permanent transfer of pigment from the plant material to fiber. You will be creating two scarves. We will discuss plant choices, mordant versus modifier and what bundling methods help produce clear and colorful prints. PLEASE NOTE: This is a two part class (two sessions) Instructor: Pat Kresty
Fire Making: This workshop will instruct participants in various aspects of fire making including the basics of site and material preparation, fire sustainability, safety, self reliance starting methods, advanced considerations of matching different fire types to specific purposes, and care for the environment. The workshop includes hands on practice in fire starting, and producing sustainable fires while emphasizing safety and environmental protection. Instructor: Vince Alessi.
Fishing Fundamentals: Our careers as teachers and love for fishing created 2 Chicks in a Boat. As tournament anglers, we did not start out that way. We started just like you and learned a LOT along the way. Join us for a fun, informational, hands-on experience session. We hope to get you hooked on fishing! There will be one-on-one instruction and casting practice time. Instructor: 2 Chicks in a Boat
Kayak: This is a brief introduction to paddling a kayak. Students are presented with basic information from paddle safety and potential hazards to simple rescues. A minimal paddle skill set is presented and practiced, allowing students to safely and comfortably maneuver on still water. Instructor: Kris Lohrman, Licking Park District.
Gnarly Knots to Know: Have you ever wondered which knots are most appropriate for a specific situation? Do you want to be more confident when tying knots? Our instructor will introduce you to several important and most useful “daily life” knots, including the figure eight, bowline, trucker’s hitch, half hitch, clove hitch, and the sheet bend. You will also have the opportunity to tie your own tie survival bracelet. Instructor: Tami McAdams, Licking Park District.
Nature Journaling: Nature journaling is the practice of drawing or writing in response to nature. A nature journal is a place to record observations, thoughts, and feelings about what you see. This fun, relaxing practice helps you to connect more closely with nature, and results in the creation of your own unique nature journal. Instructor: Anne Balogh, Licking Park District
Outdoor Cooking: Outdoor cooking camping style. For the first session it will be breakfast based and the second will be lunch based. Most of the cooking will be done with some form of cast iron, whether it is a Dutch oven or a large griddle. One lucky winner from each session will receive a Cabela’s 5 piece cast iron cook set. Instructor: Mike Stoneking with Cabela’s
Stand-up Paddleboard: Students are presented with basic information on appropriate dress to paddle safely. A minimal paddle skill set is presented and practiced, allowing students to safely and comfortably maneuver on still water. Instructor: Renee from River City SUP and Yoga
Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga: SUP yoga can be a delightful way to experience nature and enjoy a new view of yoga practice. Doing yoga on a SUP engages muscles that you may neglect during your on-land practice. Having some experience in either SUP or yoga is helpful but not necessary. A minimal paddle skill set is presented and practiced, allowing students to safely and comfortably maneuver on still water. Instructor: Renee from River City SUP and Yoga
Walking Meditation: An Ontological Exploration of the World Around Us: Experience how meditation can help you discover and open new ways of sensing and observing the world, beyond the usual “five senses.” Mindfully explore the natural world around you using these new ways of observing. Appreciate curiosity and awe, and how they open you to new possibilities.
Take time to document your observations (if you wish) through words or pictures. Please bring a journal or notebook and something to write with, and/or a camera (cell phone or otherwise) if you would like to document your observations in the explorations. Instructor: Toni Kellar.
Wilderness First Aid: This wilderness first aid seminar is for those who may find themselves away from immediate help and may have to rely on their own skills to provide care to an injured patient until EMS arrives. We will cover a variety of topics including how to recognize and manage common medical problems along with rare but life-threatening emergencies and most importantly, prevention of these problems. This course is a helpful primer to first aid and can be used for future medical training. Instructor: Samantha Seeley with the OSU SOLO School
Women in Rhythm Drum Circle: An Exploration of Rhythmic Discovery and Improvisation: Tap into your body’s intelligence and discover your innate ability to play rhythm.
Understand the relationship between elemental energy and the quality of sound in playing a drum. Learn about the history of women as drummers.Experience how to create improvisational rhythms in a group drum circle format. Drums and percussion instruments will be provided, and you can bring your own. Instructor: Toni Kellar.
Yoga: Participants will use breath to guide them through poses increasing strength, flexibility and energy while decreasing stress, self judgment, and mindless chatter. Classes incorporate ways to find a balance of effort and ease. Instructor: Mary Beth Sasson
Zentography: Participants will need to have a digital camera – cell phone cameras will do! I will guide them in how to notice and observe nature and the natural world around us with new eyes, experiment with capturing these “new sights” with their phone camera, and then share one of their images and talking about the image, the experience of discovering and seeing it, and share any metaphors or insights they see in the image that can perhaps also be applied to life

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