20th Annual Kid’s Day Event

June 4, 2022 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Ashland Co.Wildlife Conservation
Kid’s Outdoor Day
The first Saturday of June every year marks the annual event of the ACWCL/Fin-Feather-Fur Kid’s Outdoor Day , which is held at the Ashland County Wildlife and Conservation League ( ACWCL) in Ashland County, this year marks the 20th year for the event.
Each year this special event draws over 200 kids ranging from the ages of 6-12 years of age. There is one sessions which is divided into six groups. These groups include fishing , archery, BB guns, and various other exhibits. The most important thing expressed to these youths as they go from station to station with their group is the safety of the outdoors and the safe handling of some of the equipment used prior to the activity.
Ashland County Bass Anglers – The fishing takes place in two ponds stocked with approximately 500 hybrid bluegill.
Ashland Bowman Archery Club – The archery session – In this session the participants shoot compound bows at balloons.
New Frontiersman Muzzleloading Club – The BB gun session – Participants get the opportunity to shoot a BB gun at a tin pie plate
Ashland County Park – Learn about the different parks in Ashland County and there wildlife.
Ashland County Pheasant Forever – Bird Dog Training session – See hunting bird dogs perform
Ashland County Ducks Unlimited – Duck Calling-Learn how different types of calls work and watch the dogs retrieve the birds.
This program was initiated by members of the ACWCL who thought there was a need for outdoor knowledge or activity to be introduced to the children of the community or families that may not have outdoor knowledge or would like to know more of the outdoors. Sponsors and numerous sportsman clubs and conservation groups come together to sponsor this event which is the largest event of its type in Ohio. This event is not just for Ashland County Residents. There have been kids from area counties that have participated, some kids have come every year since they were 6 years of age to the age of 12. There have also been some of those kids through out the years of participating ,who are now volunteers of the event. One must pre- register at the Ashland Fin Feather & Fur store to take part of this child hood memory one will be sure to always remember.
For more information on this event, click on the following link https://www.acwcl.org/?page_id=12 or call Ed Britton at 419-908-8331

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