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Music Mash-Up 2024

How well do you know your Super Q music? WQIO Music Mash Up Text to Win! 93.7FM is going to test your music skills with the Music Mash-Up! For a chance to win a $50 shopping spree at Lanning’s Food. Be listening the week of Jan. 22nd– Jan. 26th for the Text to Win Music Mash Up! All you have to do is text the Mash Up song answer to 40691 to get entered in to win with 93.7, The Super Q

Be listening Monday Jan. 22nd – Friday Jan. 26th, between 6:00am – 8:00pm for the music mash up and how to text to win. Good Luck!

How to Play:

  • Listen for the Mash Up between 6AM – 8PM starting Monday
  • Figure out the Music Mash Up song
  • Text Music Mash Up song answer to 40691 to get entered
  • Only correct answers will get a text response saying you are entered
  • (1) One Winner will be notified via text message w/ prize information & pick up details on Friday Jan 26th after contest ends at 12noon

The Super Q’s Music Mash-up is presented by: Lanning’s Foods, Cunningham Insurance, Johnny’s Mattress and Furniture, & The Laurels of Mt Vernon

Chance to win between 6am – 8pm with Curtis and the Morning Crew or Afternoons with Steve Conley starting on Wednesday Jan 22nd 2024 and Ends Friday Jan 26th 2024 12:00 noon

Winner will be notified via text message with instructions on how to claim prize(s). Must be 18 yrs of age to play and win. Prize(s) must be picked up in 14days.

1 (One) – Grand Prize Winner of $50 Lanning’s Foods Gift Cards

All General rules apply

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