Music Mash-Up 2023

How well do you know your Super Q music? WQIO is giving you a chance to test your music skills with a Music Mash-Up! Play the Super Q’s Music Mash-up. Listen to Curtis and the Morning Crew between 8 – 1, or Afternoons with Steve Conley between 1-5 for your chance to win a $20 at BW3’s and $10 gift card to spend at Lanning’s Foods… Jan. 23rd – Jan. 27th, 2023!  Each day, your chance to name 3 songs that have been mashed together,  just be the 3rd caller at 740-392-9370 when we play the mash-up, then name those songs. Must name all (3) song titles to win Know your music and win with 93.7, The Super Q

Be listening Monday Jan. 23rd – Friday Jan. 27th, 2023 between 9:00am – 5:00pm for your chance to call in & test your Music Mash-Up Skill! Curtis and the Morning Crew or Steve Conley will play a music mash of 3 songs! Be the 3rd caller & name all 3 songs in the Music Mash-Up! Must name all (3) song titles to win! Good Luck!

The Super Q’s Music Mash-up is presented by: Lanning’s Foods,  Cunningham Insurance, Johnny’s Mattress and Furniture, Jon’s Plumbing and Heating & Laurels of Mt Vernon

1 (one) Chance to win daily between 8am – 5pm with Curtis and the Morning Crew or Afternons with Steve Conley starting on Wednesday Jan 23rd 2023 and Ends Friday Jan 27th 2023

Must be 18 yrs of age to play and win

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