5th Annual Turkey Bowl

It’s that time again.. For WQIO’s 5th Annual Turkey Bowl. Smoke it up, and then gobble it down. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and who knew turkeys could bowl. Or should we say, you’ll bowl for turkeys in the Super Q’s Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl Shootout coming up on Thursday November 17th.

Curtis and the Morning Crew will draw six (6) winners live on the air on 93.7 WQIO on Monday Nov. 14th. Each name drawn will automatically win a frozen turkey (appx 10-15 pounds) from Smithhisler Meats in Mt. Vernon Ohio, and entered to bowl on November 17th. (Must be present at Park Lanes to participate and to collect frozen turkey)

Registration is going on now at Park Lanes located at 701 Hopewell Dr, Heath, OH 43056, or online at WQIORadio.com Registration goes through November 9th at 5:00pm online &  In person registration at Park Lanes will end November 10th.  Registration Box (Park Lanes). Please put home or personal phone number for contact. (No work, business or other phone number) If we reach a business, work or other number. We will draw an alternate winner

Each winner will be notified by phone. If, radio Station has to leave a Voicemail. Winner has 24 Hours to call back. After 24 hours if station does not hear back from winner. Radio Station will choose an alternate winner.

On November 17th (Thursday) our six (6) contestants will meet at Park Lanes in Heath Ohio to bowl for our grand prize. GMG Peak Prime Plus WIFI Pellet Grill – Black (MSRP $1099) provided by Buckeye Stoves in Fredericktown. Curtis and the Morning Crew will broadcast live from Park Lanes in Heath beginning at 6:30 am contestants must be at Park Lanes and registered by 7:30 am. Bowling begins promptly at 8:05.

Each bowler will receive one (2) balls to roll per round to accumulate the highest pin count. Three rounds total will accumulate a bowler’s final score. (Total of 30). Strikes and spares do not add to the next frame. The bowlers with the highest pin count after all bowlers have rolled their three (6) balls wins. Any ties will be broken in a roll off. One ball per contestant involved in the tie. Highest total for the one ball wins the shootout and grand prize.

Each bowler MUST roll each ball in a “Unique Way” (Curtis and the Morning Crew, will determine approach) Any violation of this procedure will result in a disqualification. No traditional stances or approaches.

The Super Q will broadcast live on the air as well as on Facebook live. All images and likenesses of contestants are the property of 93.7 WQIO The Super Q 17421 Coshocton Rd. Mt. Vernon Ohio 43050

The Grand Prize winner will be interviewed live on the air during the prize presentation and photos will be used for online promotions and marketing through the WQIO website, social media and presenting partners.

    Must be 18 to enter

    Must be 18 or older to enter
    Must be present on November 17th to bowl and win.
    All other rules and regulations apply

    Thank You to Our Sponsors:

    Park Lanes Bowling

    Buckeye Stoves

    Smithhisler Meats

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